Tails 3.7.1 is out

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Tails 3.6 is out: …, with a screen locker, better additional software persistence feature, Electrum 3.0.6, and more.

Just a friendly reminder

Keep your servers safe and configure your sshd properly

I enabled ssh to my desktop computer at 18.15 local time
First try was 19.33

Mar 11 19:33:35 OptiPlex-990 sshd[31113]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= user=root

It doesn't take long to people to find your ssh server and try to log in.

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Tried to install one software to my server on top of #Apache. For some reason I got http 500 error. Decided to change software and http server to #nginx. Got also http 500 error. Not my day. I didn’t want to troubleshoot anymore. Maybe some other day.

How to send email. Tutorial from the #80s Also check at 1:24 his password 😊

As a bonus at the end, you get free software in audio form so you can record it.

We had lot of #snow yesterday and my #dog likes it very much. Diving to the snow and sniffing things. I bet he had #funtime

Finland’s Scene-Stealing First Dog Is Missed During Dull Election
Lennu, a much-loved celebrity in Finland, is a Boston terrier with a lolling tongue whose master, the president, is up for re-election. But an illness has apparently kept Lennu off the campaign trail.

The New York Times: Finland’s Scene-Stealing First Dog Is Missed During Dull Election (By RICHARD MARTYN-HEMPHILL)

Tails 3.5 is out. One of the main fixes is:
Update Linux to 4.14.13 and the microcode firmware for AMD to mitigate Spectre.

#privacy #spectre #tor #tails

ActivityPub was basically 3 years of my life, and there were points were I wasn't sure if the time and energy I was spending on it was worth it. I'm sure it was today. Thank you everyone who participated in the standards process, have implemented... or are going to implement! You made it all worth it!

Good morning Mastodon!

I want to draw attention to the fact that Mailpile wants to hire folks to help make our software available to Windows and Mac OS users.

Our mission is user privacy, Free Software and online independence for all. And we'd like Mailpile to be a diverse, inclusive, human-friendly and family-friendly place to work.

If you also care about those things, please help spread the word - and if you have the skills we need, check out and consider applying!
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